Monday, April 28, 2008

Meet My Ranch Hounds


Sadie: beautiful fawn female Boxer. Adopted from animal shelter when licensing my other 3! NOTE TO SELF: Renew licenses by MAIL next time!!! :)

Chevelle: sleek & sweet,light brindle female Boxer. Adopted from a US Marine family who could not keep her in their apartment. NOTE: Immediately delete future Freecycle ads offering dogs!

Lil' Hoss: gorgeous dark brindle 95 lb. male mystery breed. One vet guessed Pit/Great Dane; another Pitbull/Chocolate Lab. Neuter cert says American Staffordshire Terrier. Two boys rang my doorbell one evening. They had this sweet little puppy with grape green eyes and HUGE feet in their arms. They said, "Our mom says you take care of dogs..." NOTE: Don't answer the door when neighbor kids knock...unless they are GIRL SCOUTS!!!

Murphy: mellow black/white short legged Jack Russell. Ranch BOSS and protector of all things Shiloh. He was given to me by a dear Christian friend from one of her litters. He brought joy back into my life at a time that I really needed it. He also earned the distinguished title of Bark Ranger at the Grand Canyon this year! His job as Ranch enforcer is not an easy one; especially as everything and everyone on the Ranch is a lot bigger than him!
NOTE: Sometimes being an ONLY dog is OK!!

OK, so you have met my pack & now y'all know what a sucker I am for animals. I have been that way since I was a child. I always tried to keep strays I found on the way home from school. My poor parents used to get so frustrated with me.

They didn't understand why I cried when any animal in a movie, book, or on tv got hurt but not for the people!
NOTE TO PARENTS: Your child is not likely to EVER grow out of this!

As a matter of fact, I still don't really trust anyone that doesn't love animals!!! Mom always said I could have as many animals as I wanted when I got my own place; so now I DO!

I'll introduce my horses next time and post pics, as soon as I figure out how!

ANYONE out there that would like to share their animal and/or livestock stories/adventures/insights and perhaps how your compassion for animals has been manifested in your life?

I am anxious to hear!

Happy Trails from,

My Shiloh Ranch


His Girl said...

Welcome to the blog world, moomis!

fun first entry;)


Sing4joy said...

Welcome to Blogville Mom! I love your maiden post. I liked animals as a kid. Then when I became an adult I didn't want them in my home until I started taking mood-altering rx drugs and then I decided I liked them again. I have two labs. They are bad. I quit taking the meds. Now all stray animals from every square mile of the county come straight to our little ranch.

PJ said...

Love the animals. My little granddaughter (6 years old) has wanted to be a veterinarian for several years now. Sometime in the last few months someone (I know not who!!) has enlightened her about some not so pleasant duties of a vet. Now when asked what she wants to "be", she replies, "Not a veterinarian. I can't put down an animal." She would love your dogs!!