Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shout Out to America's Veterans!

Shiloh Ranch would like to shout out our heartfelt thanks, appreciation, respect, and love to all of the Veterans of the United States Armed Services.

Ooo-RAH! Hooah! Hoo-YAH! Ah-roo! Geronimo! Let's Roll! Yee-HAH!

We owe our very right to freedom and liberty in this country to GOD and to all of you and your families, who daily sacrifice so much for us! THANK you for keeping us SAFE!!!

We very much appreciate what you do for us! You have earned and deserve our love, respect, honor, and help when YOU need it! GOD BLESS YOU!!!

PBS aired a program titled, "Tattooed Under Fire." Most excellent! It is not easy to watch, but it really brings home what is happening to our men and women in Iraq and Afganistan. One cannot remain complacent after viewing it. This film knocks you off of the fence.

I believe that every member of the VA should be required to watch it!
For further information:

Note to President Obama: You signed up for this job. Either give our military forces what they need to win this war OR get them out! YOU are their Chief; it is YOUR job to make sure that our vets are properly taken care of when they come home! They also deserve the FIRST shout out ... not a side note after your political buddy call outs! And they should never have to wait for their President to show up to honor them. Military time is on time! The head of all of our military forces should KNOW that and PLAN for that!

We all need to be doing MUCH more for our veterans returning from combat! The LEAST each one of us can do; is to write, email, and/or call our elected officials: urge much more than 3 days of deprogramming!

At least 1/3 of vets returning from combat suffer from PTSD (Post Tramatic Stress Disorder) ... here are some websites that may lead to help:

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GateWay said...

oh friend... YES... your word to our "commander and chief" is reiterated in my heart as well.....oh Father forgive our complacency with the gift of FREEDOM!!! and all that means to "one nation UNDER GOD".... and yes, I find it no coincidence that the place the LORD had you and me with my post on "you cannot give what you do not have"... once again, my Jesus confirms to me HIS word in my heart across miles and miles and miles with hearts joined in the same SPIRIT! God bless America.... and praise HIS HOLY NAME.